17 September 2012


I have a different philosophy about Sunday.  On Sunday, I relax the whole plan, but I do have to document my food.  I don't do formal exercise, but I do have to stay active.

Yesterday morning, I got up, went to Weight Watchers, got my head screwed on straight again and came home.  I played a video game with Dev and Raj for a while and we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. I always get the same thing, the Taco Loco (made vegetarian)  It's kind of like a taco salad.  It has beans, lettuce, fajita veg, pico de gallo, a smattering of cheese some sour cream, radishes and green olives- all in a spinach tortilla.  I never know how to count it, so I always count it like a taco salad.  (about 17-18 points)  I also carefully counted out my 16 chips and put them on the napkin so that I knew that was my serving of chips and I got no additional chips.

After that, we ran home and dropped off our leftovers, pat the dog on the head and headed down town to a street festival.  We parked near a park, so we let Deven play on the play structure for a while.  We walked around, bought a comic book for Deven, watched a children's band play a couple of songs, watched a couple of guys blow glass and headed back to the park to play for a while longer. 

Then we went on home.  We were all hungry, so I popped some popcorn.  I topped it with olive oil and sea salt and had a glass of milk to round out my good health guidelines for the day.

For dinner, Raj and Deven ate some gross thing with hot dogs :( and I ate a stir fry of veggie crumbles and stir fry veg. I also had a chocolate pudding with some pineapple and had a couple of pumpkin beers to round out the day.  I was still marginally hungry for some reason, but I chocked that up to the kind of residual hunger I always have after days of binging.  I ignored it and drank a bit more water. 

I used 14 extra points yesterday.  I typically do this on Sunday.  I aim to use no more of them this week, but might end up doing it, as I endeavor to finally start using my good health guidelines to my advantage.

I am determined to claw my way back on track and to keep this ship sailing in the right direction.  I will make my goals.  I get as many restarts as I need.  One of my favorite bloggers, Aimee reminded me that this journey isn't about being perfect all the time, it's about making one decision at a time and usually making the right choices.   I needed that reminder and I thank you, Aimee.  You are the best :)

My dear friend from high school challenged me to do a half marathon with her next year.  I don't know if it is even possible for me to be that fit, but I am going to give it my best. For sure.

Today, I started the day with 3 great choices. 

Choice 1) I made my breakfast the night before.  It was healthy and it was ready for me when I was ready for it.  I used Kath's receipe receipe as a blueprint to make my own version of Overnight Oats.  My differences are subtle.  Mainly I didn't put the crunch in and instead of the nut butter, I put in some peanut flour.   As I hopefully adjust my snacking needs downward, I hope to be able to switch it up and use the actual nut butter.   In my opinion, this mix of food comes out to be incredibly delicious.

Choice 2) I woke up right away when the alarm went off.  I went to the bathroom and put on a sports bra.  I put in a workout DVD and did a 15 minute cardio workout.  I know this isn't much, but it is a big start for me.  I think it woke up my body in a really great way.  Tomorrow, I will add in some strength training.  I think doing this will keep me from talking myself out of exercise.    I felt motivated to do this because I just woke up at my normal time, but because breakfast was already ready, I could take the time to do it.

Choice 3)  As I mentioned earlier, I am really working on getting in my good health guidelines.  I usually fall off on the milk requirement, so I made some Chai this morning and iced it and brought it to work.

I feel like I have made some excellent choices to start my day.  After work, the dog and I are going to run C25k Week 5, run 1.  I know I can do it, even as the program gets harder and harder.  I am far stronger than I give myself credit for.

How about you all.  What are YOU doing positive for you today?


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