10 October 2007

25 weeks

We are now 25 weeks along. Raj and I went to the doctor yesterday and all seems to be well. Measuring ok, kicking, developing fine. Sounds like the invitations for the upcoming baby shower are getting ready to go out. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the thought of a party centered around me, but am really excited to see everyone.

My favorite was getting to hear his heartbeat again. He can't hide anymore so she found his heartbeat on the first try. Such a cool sound.

We had a really relaxing evening after the appointment. Just kicked back, watched some tv, and enjoyed each other's company. I needed that, because work has been pretty stressful as of late. I spend a lot of time feeling inadequate. It's not a nice feeling.

I called my mom to tell her about finally buying the crib mattress. She got off on a tangent about us moving back to Iowa. When I told her that it is not really on the list of places to look she got really pissed and passive aggressive. I am so sick of that nonsense. I can tell you right now, Deven will NOT be subjected to her BS moods and whims. He doesn't deserve it. Some days, I am not even sure why I even talk to her.

09 October 2007

Lots of stuff

Today, we go for our 24 week check up. We are very nearly a week behind, so it is actually a day behind 25 weeks.

He's been kicking and flipping around in there something fierce. It makes me happy to know that he thrives.

Know what else makes me happy? Raj. He has been so wonderful and supportive through all of my moods, depression, feeling wretchedly bad about myself. He's a real cheerleader. And he is the best.

We bought his first items yesterday. The first is his crib mattress. A friend had a brand new, top of the line crib mattress, and she sold it to us for a song, so we have that. I also got a pump in style from her. I estimate we saved about 400 bucks getting these things from her instead of at Babies R Us.

Unrelatedly (I hope) Sam the cat has been pulling his fur out. He has large bald spots on is front legs and belly. We aren't sure if it is allergies or stress, but are concerned that he is reacting to the change he knows is coming.