24 December 2008

11 months old

Man, I am late making this post. Having an 11 month old running (yes, that's right RUNNING) around the house will do that to you.

Dear Deven,
About a day after I did your 10 month letter, you took your first real steps. There were three of them, from the couch to your mama. Then you started taking a consistent 2 steps from this item to that. Then you just started walking.

Now you run here and there and everywhere. You get really excited. You work your little fingers for balance. You are an excellent walker, by all reports.

You have really been showing your personality more and more. Unfortunately, you have inherited my lack of frustration tolerance. I hope you learn to handle frustration better than I can.

You are cruising into your first Christmas pretty much unaware that it is Christmas. With the exception that you love the little Christmas tree behind the couch.

This month, you had your Mundan. You were very impressive, handling all of those people as if you saw them every day.

I am so proud of you. I hope that I can be the mama you deserve.

I love you so much,