06 September 2012

Doing Ok

I went to Iowa for my 20 year class reunion last weekend.  I really enjoyed myself but somehow came home 7 lbs up. I am seriously not sure, because there was very little vegetarian food around.

 Right now, I am about 4 lbs up.   Disappointing how fast I gain and how slowly I lose.  Whatever, I will just soldier on.

I've been really stressed lately.  My sister is going through some stuff and here I am in Wisconsin, not down there helping her out.  I don't know what help I could actually be, but I am sure moral support would be helpful.  I will just call her a lot and hope that she keeps on soldiering on.

I haven't had a bunch to say lately.  I'm here, doing what I need to do, but am not terrifically exciting lately. 

I've been doing Couch to 5K.  I just finished week 5.  Things are about to get real. 

I can do it!

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