31 December 2016

Looking Towards 2017

I've not blogged for over a year.  I'm not sure why. There's something cathartic about logging your thoughts, so I'm definitely going to try to do more of it this year.

It's totally cliche to do a resolutions post, but that's ok, I'm thoroughly unoriginal.

I don't really have resolutions so much as I have a set of goals I'd like to work towards this year.

Nutrition- I've got several bulletpoints here

  • Log my food most days.  I'm aiming for at least 25 days per month
  • Incorporate more whole foods.  
  • Pay more attention to how much sugar I'm consuming
  • Drastically reduce the number of restaurant meals we're having.  I'm aiming for one per month 

  • Do some form of exercise at least 4 days per week- don't get too caught up on this.  It can be yoga, walking the dog, doing an exercise video, riding a bike, etc.  
  • Spend more time doing yoga in general

  • Track our spending
  • make reductions in food budget
  • increase our savings

  • Start making small renovations towards making our house the home we want it to be
  • Do the UFYH app 20-10s at least 2 per day
  • once winter is over, spend one weekend a month in the yard making improvements.  Most of these improvements are just manpower, not expenditure

  • spend 1 hour per day working on my coursework.  
  • Aim to test for a new class every 8-10 weeks
  • BIG GOAL- Finish my ChFC designation

  • Reduce my yarn stock by 30%
  • Start holiday knitting now, make a spreadsheet and double check it
  • reduce stash of remnants by 50% instead of an overflowing basket, half a basket
  • finally finish a pretty thing A Pretty Thing
  • Make some modifications to my alpaca fingerless mitts so they are a little easier to wear
  • Finish fixing the mitt that my dad's dog ate
  • Log any new yarn purchases on Ravelry
  • Knit an Ease sweater
  • knit another Skew sock 
  • Knit Tradewinds
  • Knit Wink
  • Set aside an evening and photograph and log yarn  stash on Ravelry.  Add at least 10 of the existing hanks 
  • Do project pages for everything I start in 2017 on Ravelry
  • Take a Craftsy class
  • Take a knitting class- Maybe a Fair Isle Class?
  • Knit at least 8 pair of socks this year.  This will include SKEW
  •  I really want to make and wear this Cabled Poncho
Life in general

  • Try to be more aware politically.  
  • Be the change I want to be
  • work on being more positive
  • work on getting more and better sleep

I think this list should keep me out of trouble this year.