27 August 2009

19 Months

Dear Deven,
This month has been a wonderful month. You are so full of life and love. You are really expanding your vocabulary by leaps and bounds. We are now at the place that, if we work with you, you can learn 2-3 words in a day. You recently started saying "uncle" and "baba" (baba is Hindi for Grandpa)

If prompted, you will say thank you and you routinely say please when you want something.

You have also gotten a lot better at coloring. You scribble instead of just pounding them on the paper.

The hitting, hair pulling and biting is a lot better this month. Thankfully. So is the face scratching.

Unfortunately, you are still throwing your toys a lot.

You are a lot better at knowing what you want, and you do a great job of saying please when you want something. Unfortunately you routinely say NO when you mean YES. You say NO a lot in general.

You are still my sweet, cuddly, loving, gorgeous boy and I am still the luckiest mama in the world.

I love you, little man.