30 April 2015

Status update

I almost never seem to remember that I have a blog.  So this morning it occurs to me that I blog a lot more when I am doing well.  Clearly I'm not.

Work has been really busy for months and months.  I'm super grateful to have a job, but it really spiked my already high anxiety.  Ultimately, I needed relief, so I bucked up and went to the doctor.  She gave me something for anxiety and something for sleep and so far, I would say I'm at least 50% less anxious.   I'm also sleeping really well for the first time in... really ever.

My weight is terrible.  I'm just shy of my all time not pregnant high.  I'm counting calories and trying so hard to care.  I can and will do this.

So that's it for a quick update!  What are you all up to lately?