27 September 2012

My Fitness Pal Pros and Cons

I'm on my second day of relying only on My Fitness Pal.  I have a couple of friends that are using this as a way to track their intake, plus one of my readers tracks her food there.  If you are also using My Fitness Pal- Feel free to friend me. I am emilythegood there :)

Some things I really like about My Fitness Pal-
*The mobile app.  SOOOO much stronger than the very terrible Droid version of the Weight Watchers app
*The dashboard.  I love being able to see what my friends are up to at a glance. I also love that it lets my friends know when I haven't been on for a while and encourages them to send me encouragement. 
*It also provides a forum for me to encourage my friends and family.
*It lets me decide which nutrients I think are important to track.  I'm taking a run at reducing my sugar.  I don't have any sugar problems, per se, but I feel like even for fruit sugars, I probably eat far more than is reasonable.
*It's free
*HUGE database
*no huge pile of bonus calories that I feel obligated to burn through

Some things I am on the fence about-
*No meetings.  I am hoping that the dashboard feature kind of acts like a meeting but we will see.
*I kind of think the recipe section sucks.

That's really it.  I am feeling good(ish)  I'm counting my calories, taking it day by day.  I am still fighting this chest cold, but I think I am going to resume my run training as I really want to run a good portion of Color Me Rad.  I can't wait to write reviews of that event.

This coming weekend, I have no events, but on Saturday, 10/6  I am doing the Des Moines Get Your Rear In Gear event.  This is a really important event for me, because my sister in law lives in central Iowa and is a Stage IV Colon Cancer Survivor. 

On 10/13, I have Color Me Rad.  On 10/14 I have the Autism walk.  My collection of events this year is largely walks.  This is by design because I am not in run shape, but I need to get into run shape, because my high school friend, Cherie, said she wants to run a half marathon with me.  I have A LOT of training to get there, but I think I can.

I just want to keep making the small changes in my lifestyle to enable me to be the me I deserve to be.   I know I can, little by little.

But give me a nudge if you think I'm not, ok?

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