27 November 2005


Sam has fleas. He has been scratching his neck until he has sores on it, so today, we got him a flea bath (Tommy got the treatment, too.)

He cried and he cried. Now, he is scared of us.

Bah, I am the worst mama EVER. How the hell did the stupid cat get fleas anyway? He never had them before!

ALSO, Tommy had more fleas, but never scratches.

Wet cats are cute. Especially when Sam's fur looked all spiky.

21 November 2005

I am too cheap to buy a Dyson

So I was gonna buy a Vax from Best Buy (supposedly just as good for 1/2 the price).

I am also too cheap to buy 1/2 a Dyson.

So I bought a Hoover Fusion. It kicks so much ass. The only downfall is that the Fusion is sold ONLY at Walmart. I super duper hate Walmart.

Seriously. 1) I am horrified that our floors were so disgusting. 2) My cats shed WAY more than I previously thought. I am seriously considering vacuuming them. 3) After vacuuming with the Fusion, our whole apartment smells delightfully fresh. 4) The Fusion was LESS THAN $140. SUCK IT DYSON!

I will probably go hug the Fusion as soon as I am sure that noone is looking.