30 April 2015

Status update

I almost never seem to remember that I have a blog.  So this morning it occurs to me that I blog a lot more when I am doing well.  Clearly I'm not.

Work has been really busy for months and months.  I'm super grateful to have a job, but it really spiked my already high anxiety.  Ultimately, I needed relief, so I bucked up and went to the doctor.  She gave me something for anxiety and something for sleep and so far, I would say I'm at least 50% less anxious.   I'm also sleeping really well for the first time in... really ever.

My weight is terrible.  I'm just shy of my all time not pregnant high.  I'm counting calories and trying so hard to care.  I can and will do this.

So that's it for a quick update!  What are you all up to lately?

18 March 2015


I haven't really had a lot to say lately, but someone recently reminded me that I have a blog, so I thought I would swing by for a quick update.

So.  Hm.  What have I been up to?  Quite a bit actually.

Home: Ha. Wow.  My house is a disaster, y'all.  I need to go on a spring cleaning extravaganza.   Top to bottom.  We're starting to talk about upgrading our home and in order to do this, we are going to need to SERIOUSLY clean everything, plus downsize a buncha stuff and maybe rent a storage unit for stuff we don't use but can't bear to part with. 

Work.  We had layoffs again a while back.  I was lucky enough to survive, but it's grim, man.  It's really stressful there right now and if you've been reading a while, or if you know me in person you know that I am not great at handling stress.  Walking into work is like a low level panic attack all.damned.day.  I walk in and my stomach cramps up, my heart starts pounding, etc.  I've been walking on lunch and listening to music and that's helping a little.  I need to just suck it up and make an appointment with the doctor because I'm not sure my stress reaction is exactly normal.

Weight.  OH GOD.  I went off the rails in JUNE and I've been strugglefail ever since.  I feel like I am back on track again, but lets just not talk about what the scale says, ok?

Exercise.  Still boxing.  Walking every day on lunch.  Trying to get my 10,000 steps in every day.  I'm really more focused on the weight.  I'm not in the right headspace to tackle one more thing right now.  I'm a damned mess, if I'm being honest.  On the upside, I'm doing Fight for Air this week.  Assuming that I don't die in the stairway, that's likely to be a good spike in my fitness for the week.

Dog.  He's an idiot.

Kid.  He's awesome, naturally.  Silly, funny, smart.  His behavior at school could use some upgrades, but man, I'm super proud of that kid.  He's alright, you know?

Knitting.  I'm not knitting as much lately.  All the stuff from work has me just wanting to be as non-productive as possible sometimes.  I think I will be picking it back up soon. 

That's really all about me.  How 'bout you?