20 September 2012

A Successful Day

I've been feeling sick.  My cold has settled into my chest and my chest feels very heavy.  I had a run scheduled tonight, but I was going to skip it.  I was going to just walk tonight and run tomorrow.  But when I got home, I went to the rest room and found myself putting on my running gear.  To be honest, I've been making excuses for not running all week.  But all week I've been pushing past my excuses and doing what needs to be done.

I decided that I would just listen to my body.  I ran and counted my breaths and listened to my podcast and did what I was told.  Crazy Conner had to poop in the middle of run one (actually with about 90 seconds to go in the run, )  I stopped to pick up his poop and was on my way again.  I did my cool down walk and picked back up when my podcast said to.  I ran, I counted breaths, I did my thing.  I got a good cough going at about 4 minutes, but I kept running.  My podcast announced one minute to go.  It was a hard minute.  But still I ran.  I picked my knees up a little higher.  I pushed a little harder.  And it was time to walk.  I did it.  Even though I didn't want to.

I used a good number of extra points today.  That's ok.  I had them to use. I'm pleased with my day overall.  I needed the fuel today. 

I think this is a healthy way of looking at everything right now.  I'm grateful for everyone's support and wisdom.

I feel inspired to be better because of you all.  And that's the whole point of this blog.

I hope you all had a great day!

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