29 November 2012

Day 2, plus TMI Overload

So yesterday, I did great. I exercised, I ate within my calorie range, I drank my water. EXCELENTE.

I wasn't hungry at all.  I planned for a small treat- a granola bar.  This is where the TMI comes in.
So anyway.  I can't eat Fiber One Bars.  I love them, but they don't love me back.  I swear off of them every few months, but always come on back to them because I love them so much.  Yesterday, the granola bar I had was one of them.

OMG the pain.  Within an hour of eating it, the stomach pains start.  I know I need to go to the bathroom because HI, I AM AT WORK.  Yeah. So I sounded NOT AWESOME. NOT AWESOME AT ALL.  I noticed on the way into the stall that my stomach, not small in size on a good day, is massive.  I looked about 6 months pregnant.  After I was finished, uhm, trumpeting, I left the stall, went to wash my hands and WHOA.  I totally looked like I lost 20 lbs.

So, apparently Fiber One Bars make me a little gassy.

So, I think I will just go ahead and pass on Fiber One Bars until the next time.  Or until I need to take revenge upon Raj or Farting Coworker.

28 November 2012

Day 1

So I am just going to count down the days of eating properly.

Yesterday, I was within my calorie range and drank a good amount of water and I lost 4 water weight pounds from my vacation.

I have a great plan for today and hope to be down a few more pounds.  The weather is getting too dark to do much proper exercise outside, which I prefer, so I need to do a DVD tonight.  Plus some good stretching. 

If I can do that, I will be very satisfied with my progress this week.

My son is also recovering from being on vacation.  He's a whiney entitled mess.  That's what happens when you take him somewhere that he can do no wrong for 6 days.   Two time outs yesterday and he is feeling a little more compliant today.  Hopefully that carries through work, because I want to watch Charlie Brown Christmas with him tonight.

So how are you?  What are your staying on track during the holiday strategies?

27 November 2012

Back On

We are back after being gone for nearly a week.  Before that, it was nearly a week of off plan eating.  As a result, I have gained back ALL that I had lost PLUS some pounds.  Very frustrating.  Now I am sitting here needing to lose at least 85-90 lbs and ready to start all over in the HARDEST weight loss time of year. 

My office is a pitfall of treats.  My strategy is this.  I will eat things that are very special to me and count them.  If there are treats I am not crazy about, I will not eat them.  I will log my snaccidents on myfitnesspal.com

I've made my lunch- it contains 5 servings of fruits and veg, two vegetarian proteins and a grain. 

Our vacation was to Maryland and we are all, very bluntly, over fed.  My in-laws are pure food is love people.  No matter what you just ate, you will be asked to eat more.  Always.  It's very difficult to refuse. I came home about 10 lbs heavier than when I left.  There's a good chance that a lot of that weight is water weight, so I should see some results relatively quickly.  I am going to record my daily weigh.  I do this anyway, so maybe I will be more day to day accountable.  This is a slippery slope for me, though, because I can get a bit scale obsessed.

The first few days will be difficult.  For 6 days, I have been stuffed full to bursting over and over.  Eating normal amounts of food will leave me famished.  For these two days, I have to be tough, vigilant.


21 November 2012


I'm just wanting to send a note out to everyone.  Of course, absence means I've been off of my plan.  It hasn't been great.  I've had fun but I've done damage to healthy living.

I am getting ready to head into Thanksgiving, but once it's all over, I will be back and blogging.  Swear it.

I'm Thankful this year for my family, my friends, the blogs that I read and those that read mine.  For my job, for my company's enlightened approach to management.

My life is good.

11 November 2012


So this weekend, I am not on plan.  I'm not making good choices, but I am staying active.

I will be right back on it tomorrow.  I just needed a twee little break.

I got up this morning and baked some biscuits for Sunday breakfast.  Pre Deven being born, we had a baked good every Sunday.  I love that tradition and I have decided to bring it back.  I also made brownies with Dev and we sat around all morning, relaxing and enjoying.

At noon, I put on my coat and shoes and took the pup for a 4 mile walk.  We enjoyed ourselves a great deal, but it was raining heavily and I got soaked to the bone.  I'm proud of this walk because we have a very rare tired puppy!  HOORAY!

I love to see a tired little dog.   He's sitting on the floor all worn out and sleepy.

06 November 2012

KLUTCHclub review, continued

I tried these two items in the last couple of days.

DeVita Natural Eyeliner

I haven't tried this yet, either.  I will at some point.

UPDATE.  Meh.  It doesn't transfer to my skin very well. Color is nice.  I use so little eyeliner that I am a tough person to review.

Hungershield Natural Appetite control drink.
I haven't tried this yet either.  I wish there was more than one tube.  It's hard to determine if one sample fixed my hunger or if I am just confusing hunger with thirst.  I do that sometimes.

DeVita Natural Eyeliner

I haven't tried this yet, either.  I will at some point.

Hungershield Natural Appetite control drink.
I haven't tried this yet either.  I wish there was more than one tube.  It's hard to determine if one sample fixed my hunger or if I am just confusing hunger with thirst.  I do that sometimes.

UPDATE:  This product DID make me lose my appetite, but only because it was so gross.    YUCK. -1, would not taste again.

05 November 2012

Friend Makin' Monday - Ten Reasons to Be Thankful

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section over at: www.alltheweigh.com so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links there too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

Ten Reasons To Be Thankful
1. I'm thankful for my family! They make me laugh and make me want to be a better person every day. I'm never lonely because I always have them. 
2. The courageous service of our military, past and present.  Here is a picture of my Grandpa when he was in the Army during WWII.  He was a sharpshooter that served on the front line in 5 major battles in WWII.  He was on the front lines at the Battle of the Bulge.  He died with a bullet from the war lodged in his elbow.

3. I am thankful for my dog, who makes outdoor exercise both necessary and fun.  He's quickly become an awesome friend.  I am thankful to my cats for their unconditional love.  I am especialy grateful for my cat, Tommy.  He is a nine year old cat with a kitten face.  He is ridiculous and makes me laugh.
4. For having a good job. For feeling secure at work.
5. For having enough money to house and feed my family, For having enough for some of the finer things in life.
6. That I get as many chances as I need to reach my goals.  There is no limit to the number of restarts I can have.  I can always try again.
7. That I am getting ready to transition into my new position at work.  My current position is great but its very stressful.
8. That I have vacation coming up at the end of the month.  I'm just exhausted.  I am absolutely ready for some time off.
9.  For knitting.  Knitting always refocuses my heart and keeps my hands busy.  I can almost always change any frustration into something productive.  Right now, I am knitting baby hats for the less fortunate.  (I need to get busy with my winter knitting.  I don't have a hat and Dev needs mittens and a scarf)
10.  My friends.  All of them, but especially the two gorgeous ladies I see the most often.  Coffee and gossip with them refreshes my heart.  I know I can always count on good advice, a sympathetic ear and, if appropriate, tons of outrage on my behalf. 

Now it's your turn to answer this week's question!  Don't forget to come back and link up in the comments!  Happy Monday!

04 November 2012

KLUTCHclub review

I got my first KLUTCHclub box.  It was a pretty nice box overall.  I haven't tried absolutely everything in it, and of course, I totally forgot to take pictures of anything.  I am lame like that.

This month's box included

Coromega Omega3+D Squeeze supplement.
- Meh.  It tastes fine, but is gross to vegetarian me because it contains fish oil.  Because I worry about things, I was worrying if taking that supplement makes me a pescatarian instead of a vegetarian.  I decided it doesn't because I remain totally disgusted by the idea of eating fish.  I tried floating it on top of my Metamucil but that was the ickiest thing I have ever experienced.  So yeah.  I wouldn't buy this, but I would buy one that didn't have fish oil.

Yurbuds- Earbuds guaranteed not to fall out

These are ok.  The shape of them is mildly uncomfortable for me, but I do like them.  Also, I totally needed new earbuds, so good timing, KLUTCHclub.

Good Greens (gluten free natural raw bar) - I had 3 50 calorie bars to try.  They all taste pretty good, but I am not crazy about the coconut flavor, but otherwise, this was pretty good.

Pure Matters Chocolatey Vegan Protein- 

I am definitely some kind of bad healthy focus person, because I don't really believe in protein powder and I have never found one I liked.  So I've been dragging my feet on trying this one.  I will eventually give it a try, just not today.  I'm sure it is lovely.

King Arthur Flax

I haven't tried this, either.  I need to look into what I would use this with.  I will review this later on.  Pinky Swear.

DeVita Natural Eyeliner

I haven't tried this yet, either.  I will at some point.

Hungershield Natural Appetite control drink.
I haven't tried this yet either.  I wish there was more than one tube.  It's hard to determine if one sample fixed my hunger or if I am just confusing hunger with thirst.  I do that sometimes.

To Go Brands Acai Natural Energy Boost Chews

I was given two of these to try. Two too many. Yuck.  Chalky and undelicous.

YumUniverse Plant Based Gluten-Free Holiday Guide www.yumuniverse.com

This has a couple of recipes and there's $100 off a $300 membership.  This looks fine. I will probably look toward the recipes for how to use my Flax.

Overall, even though I am feeling kind of negative about some of the items in the box, I found getting the box to be REALLY fun.  I like trying new things and I like hearing about nichey things that I wouldn't have access to normally. Verdict: $18/month well spent.

Plan Revisions

I've been struggling with my plan for about a year, on and off.  I think maybe my expectations aren't realistic for me right now.  So I edited things to plan for one hour of activity four times per week with 1650 calories to consume per day.  If I do that consistently, I should be able to lose about a pound a week.  Maybe that's not some fast, sexy result, but it's healthy.  And if I lost 52 lbs in the next year, I would be pretty happy with where I am. 

So yeah. That's what I am trying now.  Because I totally etch-a-sketch  my diet but I am allowed to.  It's my own timeline.  No one is hurt by struggle but me.  No one gains from my success but me.

Also, this week, my plan is to sharply limit added sugar for the week.  I am looking at you, leftover Halloween Candy.

02 November 2012

I've been taking it easy

Not really eating well.  Not particularly tracking. Staying active.

Today, I am going to do it right again.  I'm starting by not having Halloween candy for breakfast.