30 September 2012

Peck's Farm Market

After the Farmer's Market, we went to a farm market.  I took a few pictures in the beginning and then forgot my phone was in my purse.

I'm so awesome. 

Pecks has a petting zoo.  We got to pet Llamas.  I love llamas.

We fed some goats.  LOTS of goats.
Raj + Goats

Goats have no manners

Deven put some corn in the cup and used the wheel to send it over to the goats.

This goat couldn't get on top of this rock fast enough to get the corn we were offering.
impatient goat

I wished I'd taken pictures of the other Pecks. They have several deer and I was able to hand feed them and some lambs.  Everyone was so sweet and soft.  Can't I just move to the country and take care of wildlife all of the time?

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