15 September 2012


I'm in a huge binge cycle. I am more than 60 points in the negative.  I'm not happy with myself at all.
I need to stop it.  So for right now, I am going to just go back to the easy goals, except one thing.  I have to drink my milks and eat my oils and work those in.  Maybe that will help with satiety.

I have got to stop veering off course at every turn.  I need to just live this plan.  I don't know why I insist in viewing this like a diet when really it's how I should be living.

REMEMBER THIS EMILY.    It's not a diet.  It's just a healthful way of living.

Also. oppressive headache today.  It's not my favorite.

I will try to post more here.  Maybe that will help keep me on track. . 

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