19 February 2013

My challenge

I am absolutely loving this challenge.  I'm down a good amount of weight, I'm stronger.  I am doing actual strength training.

I'm eating meat again, but have started the process of moving my family to organic meats.

We get our eggs from a farm when we can't get them from my mom.

I'm really looking forward to summer, where the Farmer's Market offers excellent produce.  We will be attempting to go with recipes and buy most of our groceries from the Farmer's Market.

I'm a little stiff and sore today.  We are doing squataday.  Yesterday's squats was 100. Today it's 100 again. Tomorrow is a little back off, only 50 squats.

Tonight is group training. Can't wait!  It's boxing + some kind of beating- usually very intense.

It's good for me to work hard. 

Right now, I am looking forward to March 20.   I get the straightened hair cut off and go back to curly.  I hate transitional hair.

12 February 2013


I'm totally wearing pants that didn't fit before.

Finally making progress, not wanting to derail myself. 

This is good.

10 February 2013

Busy times

I've really been diving into my challenge, which is leaving me with little energy for blogging.

I've done 340 cardio minutes this week, plus a good amount of strength, some really excellent stretching and I've eaten very healthfully.

I've got to make sure I change things, because I'm not a vegetarian anymore.  I'm just a girl that eats meat but not so often.

Today is my rest day.  It's a lovely, restorative thing.  I've gone to yoga, but otherwise, I've been relaxing and enjoying my day.

Tomorrow it's back at it.  I owe 50 minutes of cardio 6 days per week. 3 days of strength.  At least 4 days of yoga and 7 days of squats (we are also doing a squatathon.)

I'm super happy right now.  Disappointed with the slow movement of the scale, but delighted with my life nonetheless.

Be well.