23 July 2008

2 days wrap up

i've been getting plenty of activity. it's near impossible for me to function properly, though. deven is, for some reason, sleeping extremely fitfully. he was awake not less than 5 times in the night. not quite as bad was the night before last where he was awake 3 times in the night.

i'm fucking tired.

i'm just hanging on and doing the best i can

21 July 2008


I followed my plans for the weekend and ended the week down 3 lbs. Not a bad start overall.

I also got lots of activity in, and more importantly, lots of great snuggle time with Deven.

Yesterday's eating wasn't great start to finish, but I had planned for that. It was nice to have a day off from cooking/cleaning the fucking kitchen.

Today is Deven's first day back at Daycare because his dad starts his new job. I'm so sad. For the first time in a month, someone that doesn't love him is going to be spending all day with him.
I am already looking forward to picking him up and hanging out with him this evening.

19 July 2008

thoughts of yesterday

yesterday was a really good day. i ate well within my plan, moved around enough, and got some great quality time with deven.

devs started doing a pbbbbbt noise with his lips. cute, except when you are feeding him carrots. at that point, cute but messy.

he learns something new every day.

18 July 2008

6 months old!

Dear Deven,
Today you turn 6 months old. What a wonderful month this has been! You have really built your balance and are starting to really do a good job sitting up. You have also been screaming when happy and when sad. You keep getting funnier and more entertaining. I wish I never had to leave your side.

The other day, you started fake coughing. It is so cute. You fake cough and look up at us like 'hey, how cute am I?'

I absolutely love when you are proud of yourself. I hope we can capture that look in a picture, because it is one of the best faces I have ever seen.

You seem to be working on some teeth. Granted, your dad and I have thought this for the past 2 months, but you have been gnawing on anything you can get your mouth on, drooling like a champion, have periods of extreme crankiness that is tamed by some baby orajel.

You have been able to roll over for some time, but this month, you really mastered it. You go from back to front, front to back, side to side. You have been known to scoot yourself in a semi-circle.

You smile a lot, laugh a lot. You are making a new face where you bounce your tongue off of your bottom lip. You are also making the toothless old man face.

Every day of this past 6 months has been a treat.

I'm really looking forward to the next six.


thoughts from yesterday

i kicked ass on my plan yesterday. i even made a good choice at culver's.

i also walked for around 2 hours.

all in all, a really good day. deven got his 6 month portraits. he was not very cooperative, but he was super cute. he always is.

17 July 2008

Notes from yesterday

Deven is really cute. Other than him, it was a frustrating day around the house.

I did really well for eating yesterday. I didn't go for a walk on lunch, my walking buddy was flexing, so I worked through. It was humid as shit anyway.

Today, I get off at noon, so I will come home and get Deven ready for his 6 month portraits.

He's laying on the floor chewing on is pooh rattle. He is such an amazing little person.

16 July 2008

July 16th notes from yesterday

We made an appointment to get Dev's 6 month portraits taken. We got him some outfits. Cuteness will commence.

Eating wise, I did pretty well yesterday. I stayed well within my target calories and got some exercise. If I could replicate yesterday every single day for the next year, I would be in business.

My husband and I had a sort of disagreement yesterday. Nothing major. First one in a long time. But it bothers me. Bah.

Time to get ready for work. If I have time, I might stop in to recap the day this evening.

15 July 2008

Post of the day

So today, I don't have much to add. I did about an hours worth of walking in the warm sun. Deven is tolerant of this for less than an hour.

We did stop at the park and put him in the swing. He likes it if he is sitting up, but his hands really shake if he is sitting back, so we think that scares him.

I didn't do too great on my eating plan yesterday. I went over my goal by about 200 calories.

I have a good plan for today and it should be easy to execute.

14 July 2008

Monday, July 14

I woke up at 4 AM with Deven when he started fussing. He nursed and snuggled with his mama until about 5. This left me with plenty of time to make breakfast and lunch. Between breakfast, lunch and my snacks, I have about 800 calories committed. That leaves between 500 and 900 for dinner. Should be a good day.

Yesterday, Raj, Deven and I went for a 2 hour walk. It was lovely. I would love to do that every day, but the demands of life will definitely prevent that most days.

I just have to stave off the stress eating. My job is fucking stressful lately. I KNOW that I stress eat, but that doesn't prevent me from actually doing it.

Poor Deven. Teething sucks. There is a little swelling in his gums, a lot of drooling and crying, but no actual teeth. I would give anything to have this pain for me to spare him.

Shit. Time to go to work.

08 July 2008

thoughts from the shower

i know this isn't a well read blog, probably because i rarely have anything interesting to share with the internets, but here is the collection of thoughts from this morning in the shower.

  • Deven is almost 6 months old. Isn't it time to start working on the baby weight
  • Be honest, you already had some weight to lose when you got pregnant with Deven
  • I need to start working on my self esteem.
  • I've always had weight issues, and I need to get them under control NOW.

So yeah, I am one of those rare women for whom breast feeding has NOT helped regain prepregnancy shape. I was a bit chunky before I got pregnant, and gained an ALARMING amount of weight while pregnant. Boo.

So yeah, I am going to try to blog my efforts towards finally losing the prepregnancy weight and getting my metabolism back (ruined possibly permanently by a series of Master Cleanse experiments). I'll not mention how MUCH I want to lose, but will let everyone know EVERY SUNDAY what my week's worth of efforts have accomplished.

Once I lose the baby weight, I can start working on the quitting smoking weight. *sigh*
I just need something to feel good about, k?

So, I am sitting on the couch

With a snoring baby beside me. That part rules.

The part that sucks? It's past time for me to get in the shower. This means 1) I have to move said snoring baby into his room. 2) I have to leave snuggling and snoring baby and go to work. Boo gainful employment.

Just a few notes about life.

*My husbands ex job can suck it. Seriously, first they downsize him and like 900 other people. The severance rules, but 900 people at a time? THEN, 2 weeks after the big downsize, the people that administer the benefits for them send him a letter asking him to prove that Deven and myself are his dependents.

Whatev, assholes. We don't even have your sucky insurance anymore.

I hope my husbands new job is awesome. I hope that all of the stress I have doesn't develop into a panic disorder.

But it probably will. Because my life rules.