31 October 2013

Stuff I Never Thought I'd Say- Volume 2

We are in the middle of a challenge.  It's a lunges challenge.

The other day, I totally did 25 more lunges per side than I needed to, because I misread the calendar.

When discussing it, I said "I don't mind lunges."  WHOA.  When did that happen?

Stuff I Never Thought I'd Say- Part one

This morning, to Deven:

"Deven, you can only wear one pair of underpants."

He was getting ready for school and was wearing both Skylanders undies and Spiderman undies.  He must have been suffering some internal conflict about which he preferred.  Alternately, he could have forgotten to take off yesterday's underpants first.

Fall Challenge, New Blog Feature and Looking Towards the Holidays

I'm towards the end of the final week of my Fall Challenge with my trainer.  It's been a good challenge, tough and eye opening.  As always, when working with Rebecca,  I learn a lot about myself, push myself to do things that I wouldn't otherwise attempt, and even if I don't lose a pound, I bring myself to a healthier place overall.

This challenge I learned the following things about myself.

  • I can't handle sugar.  I just cant.  I can go forever without eating sugar, but as soon as I have it I need to eat all the sugar in the world.
  • I can totally handle a longer wall-sit than I feel like I can.  This challenge, I went from an all time longest wall-sit of 2:38 to a 4:11  wall-sit.
  • I have more mental toughness than I give myself credit for.  I did 2 10ks without the fitness to run them.  Granted, they both sucked the joy out of my life, but I am proud of this. 
I'm going to be adding a new blog feature later today.  It's "Stuff I Never Thought I Would Say"  Mostly dedicated to my son, but sometimes my dog or my occasionally strange husband.

Looking towards the holidays, I have some minor goals.  I want to leave this year lighter than I started it.  Currently I am about 6 lbs lighter than I was on 1 January 2013.  I want to keep losing, building strength and creating pride in myself.  I don't have some big, sweeping goal, but I want to do strength training of some kind 3 times per week, do yoga nearly daily and be diligent with walking the dog.  I'm taking a break from running, as I don't want to injure myself and sidetrack things. That being said, it's so good for the dog to run, so I might start couch to 5k again from the beginning.  Let's be honest, guys.  I don't particularly like to run, so I should probably get fit another way.

Stay tuned.  Later today, I will be in with a post or 4 of things that I never thought I'd hear myself saying. 


17 October 2013

Doing Ok

Last Sunday, I did my second 10K and my last for a time.  My time was around the same and with the adjustments I made, I ran relatively pain free.  I'm just too slow for such a competitive race.  I left the course feeling like a failure, fat, slow, unappreciated.  Some of this was my own insecurities, but some was race organization.

I'm not ever going to be the thinnest runner on the course, but at this point in my life, I'm usually the fattest (in the 10K zone).  I've got arthritis in my ankle and also in my spine and that adds some discomfort to my runs.   My toes are too close together, so they rub in my shoes, no matter how lose the toe is.  And I'm slow.  I'm actually QUITE slow.  This is fine with me, because I'm not out to win, but it doesn't feel nice to cross the finish line when only 2 volunteers are there cheering.

So anyway.  I've been back on Weight Watchers for about 3 weeks.  Looking forward to Saturday's weigh in to see if I crossed the 10 lbs lost range.  Whether I did or didn't, I've been giving it my best effort and am not thinking of veering off course. 

Some people get 7 year itch with their plans.  I get 3 week itch.  I've been trying to articulate a plan that will work for me for a few weeks now.  Here's what I've come up with so far.

1) Fall Challenge Weekly goals.  - I NEED to spend more time doing yoga.  My goal for next week is to spend at least 10 minutes a day doing yoga.  EVERY day.  Preferably more time than that spent.

2) Strength Training.  I avoid this when it's not part of a specific challenge.  I'm not pleased with this.  To this end, On Sunday, I will start 30 Day Shred.  I'm also running only 3 days per week.

3) Weight Watchers goals.  My goal is to leave at least 1 extra point every week. So far, I've been doing it and so far, I am averaging about 3.7 lbs lost.  I know this speed can't keep up, but maybe I can keep a slow, steady downhill.

4) Move more- It's knitting season. My knitting is ramping up, which is AWESOME, but I also need to be making sure that I am getting up at least 5 minutes of every hour.   It's just not a good idea to be sitting still for 3 hours, no matter how captivating my knitting is.

5) Stair Climb.  The Stair Climb is just 5 months away.  I better start running my stairs.  I'm thinking I will just start running the stairs in my house for 5 minutes of every hour.  It's not much, but it's better than nothing.  Maybe one day per week, I will just run up and down them for 20 full minutes.

I'm not expecting great, huge changes.   I just want to be a little better every day.

03 October 2013

Last Sunday

Last Sunday, I ran the first of 2 10ks this season.  I've trained the distance several times, so I was unprepared for the pain I had. 

This course was HILLY.  REALLY HILLY.  I've always struggled with back pain, particularly when running, but by mile one, it was really cranking up.  I just took some extra walking breaks and soldiered on.  By mile two, my toes were really hurting.  I just kept on keeping on.

By mile three, I could think of nothing but the pain.  Nothing to do but go forward, as now it's as far to get back to the start as it is to finish.

Mile 4.  We stopped to take a selfie.  More than halfway there.  This run is torture, you all.

Mile 5... Everything hurts, but maybe we can do this.

Mile 6. AGONY.  I can't breathe either.  Exercise asthma FTW.

Jogged in the last .2 and OMG SO HAPPY WE ARE DONE.  It took forever. 1:28:08.  Slow but finished and that was my goal.

We weren't dead last, but we weren't far from it.  I have one 10k to go.  Right now, I feel like it will be my last, but never say never.

Doing well on Weight Watchers.  Feeling pretty good.  I don't want to get too optimistic, because I can stay on any diet for about 3 weeks.  I just need to stick with this. It's not EASY, but it's easier than other plans.