24 August 2008

7 months old

Dear Deven,
This month has been a very good month. You are growing up way too fast!
You have started crawling in your own manner. You go backwards like a champ and sort of swim forward or side to side. I can see the wheels turning and I know that you will figure out how to go forward sooner or later.

You also surprised us by pulling yourself up to a stand more than once! Very impressive!

You continue to like eating solids, particularly veggies. you also have been getting little chunks of banana, cheerios, and Gerber poofs. you are starting to be able to put together how to pick stuff up and eat it, but your fine motor skills really could use some help.

You are doing raspberries and now are making this adorable face where you stick your tongue out towards the side. It's CUTE!

You still don't have teeth yet, but I have to think it is soon coming. You continue to gnaw, drool and have moments where you are only soothed by a teething ring.

You now really don't like to lay on your back. If someone lays you down on your back, you will roll yourself over to your belly. Just this week, you started rolling yourself over to sleep on your belly.

Also this month, you started laughing AT things, not just when tickled. It is very cute and we love to be able to see your sense of humor.

You have started to show the first signs of separation anxiety. You were sitting with your daddy and I left the room to make dinner and you cried and looked where I was until I returned. Then, when you saw me, you threw your arms up in the air. This is very sweet, but also makes me feel sad, as I never want you to feel sad or upset.

All in all, Deven, it is wonderful to get to be your mom. I love you so much.