23 March 2007

I'm happy today

Because all of my self esteem is on the scale.

I LOST 2 lbs today. YAY. I will celebrate by adding on to my running routine.

Kitties are lazy and fat.


22 March 2007

An update

getting ready for the big trip to alabama. it's been so long since we saw everyone, so i am really excited.

i won't be able to run there, though. maybe i can get everyone out doing stuff that is active, like bowling, going to zoos, etc.

and yeah, matt, i am posting again, thanks for noticing. i thought i was incognito

09 March 2007


I did my run, and moved up to the new week wonderfully. I didn't die or anything, even when I ran a HALF MILE without stopping to walk YAY

Then my left instep starting hurting. AND my right instep.

I think it's time to buy dedicated running shoes.

06 March 2007

I am buff enough

I just got back from my run. I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. After dinner, where I eat delicious and nutritious chili made by me, emily the good, I will do my strength training.

Observations from the elliptical. Skinny guy, doing 3 reps of triceps extensions, 2 reps of biceps curls and 3 reps of lateral raises is not a workout. But I hope you enjoyed your jacuzzi.

To the girl on the elliptical, try a bit of a warm up walk before starting to run. You could hurt yourself. ALSO, what's up with the bathing suit while running?

03 March 2007

Bad workout

I just did Tae Bo Cardio, and I really think that he takes moves too fast for me to maintain good form.

I will have to be a lot more fit before wanting to do them again.

Also, Billy Blanks acts like a jackass in his workout videos.

02 March 2007

Good workout

My run today was FANTASTIC, particularly because I have been feeling so sucky lately. I hopped on that elliptical and worked my heart out. It felt great to get moving again. I hate the way I feel when I am not moving.

I checked into the local gym, the Princeton Club, because I am wanting some organized classes, but I'm not impressed with what is available after 6 pm (which is when I get off of work) and with what is available before 7 am. WTF Princeton Club? Is it only stay at home moms that want to use your services?

I suspect that I could buy my own elliptical and work out with free weights for less than the monthly fee, anyway. Also, I do NOT need to sweat next to skinny broads in order to feel bad about myself. I feel bad enough without their help.

It's about time

I braved the slushy roads and went to Weight Watchers today.

I lost 2.2. I am so happy. It's about time I had a good loss!

01 March 2007

Still sick

I have spent the past few days with tummy distress. I am ready for it to be over.

So now, I am laying on the couch with my kitties, and napping intermittently.

After all of this not wanting to eat at all business, I better have some sort of loss tomorrow.

Also, a big part of me worries that when I come home from work sick, everyone thinks I am faking it.