18 September 2012

Last Night's Run

Left me feeling really empowered.   I went out with the dumb dog and pushed.  It was 3 five minute runs  with three minute walks in between.  It actually went really easy.  It was my first run with the dog since his accident so I was really worried that he would start limping during the run, but he was super happy to be out. 

All told, I did my short run and that 15 minute cardio work out plus got all my good health guidelines in.  Not bad. Not bad at all.

Today, I started my day with some overnight oats.  I have a healthy lunch packed.  Same dinner as last night.

Doing well with all of my good health guidelines.  Just making one good choice at a time, trying to forgive myself for any bad choices.


Hope you are all doing great, too.

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