23 July 2009

18 Months

Dear Deven,
This month has been wonderful but challenging. At first, you had a hard time getting used to the new house. You have adjusted nicely and are really enjoying your new space. It's a lot more baby friendly around here and you have a lot of fun in your room and play room.

You started with a lot of biting and hitting, mostly mama and daddy- thankfully, you seem to be settling down with this recently.

Your verbal skills are really picking up. You seem to pick up a new word or two every day.

You absolutely love to swing in your swingset in the back yard. You also love to blow bubbles but you aren't too good at that yet.

You love to run around behind your bubble mower. You use this in the house and we think you might be pretending to vacuum.

Just recently, you seem to have stuck up friendship with Sam the cat, you do a really good job petting him nicely and he is finally tolerating this really well.

As always, you are a sweet, loving little man. If I say "Deven, give me a squeeze" you run over and give the best hug.

You really are the best kid most of the time and we are lucky to have you.