26 November 2010

I haven't posted here in forever. Deven is 34 months old

Dear Deven,
What a journey we have been on with you. You are talking up a storm, you are pretty much potty trained, you can identify ALL of your letters, write some of them. You know what sounds letters make and can count to at least 20.

You are a whiz at puzzles, you love to color.

You are the sweetest, most genuinely fun person I know. You just moved up to the 3 year old classroom at your school. This must have been a good move, because most days when I get there to pick you up, you say "noooo, go back to work, i stay here and play"

You are the best of your dad and me. We are so grateful to have you, every single day.

Mommy (he doesn't call me mommy anymore)