28 October 2009

20 and 21 months

Dear Deven,
This past two months have been crazy around here. You are changing all of the time. The 'terrible twos" are here with a vengeance. You are still the same sweet boy most of the time, but tell you no, OH MY GOD, HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT. A FIT WILL BE THROWN. This doesn't really help you , but there you go.

You can now say the alphabet up to f- pure memorization, of course. You count in your own unique way. "One, Two, Eight, Eight, Eight"

When you want us to sing the alphabet song again, you say "Ahhhhp Beeeeeeeeee" and then point to us as if to say "Now you guys do the rest" You LOVE to do this.

You are still a great kid. You are learning a lot every day. You have started to really love to color, most of the time you can correctly identify your colors. If we are ever at a loss for an activity for you, coloring almost always works out.

You love the book "Guess How Much I Love You" and have started throwing your arms apart to indicate that you love us. "MUCH"

You are getting very devious. At bed time, you will stop me at the door "Mama?" 'yes, Peanut' (pointing at wall) "BUN" 'that's a bunny, very good.' "Mama?" (looking around trying to find another reason for me to stay in the room) "MUCH" 'I love you, too. Good night, Peanut"

You've brought back separation anxiety in a big way. Especially when I drop you off at Daycare. I'm glad that I am still so important to you, but it really breaks my heart to leave you, especially when you are crying for me.

You are such a warm, loving child. Every day that I spend with you, even when you are being a stinker, is a treat and a gift. I'm the luckiest mama ever.

I love you thiiiiiiiis MUCH.