09 September 2012

So Much Stress Eating.

Today's weigh in is going to be terrible.  I had an extremely stressful week this week and I didn't cope well, at all.  I was already up from my class reunion but then the bad news hit.

My sister's marriage took a bad turn and she and her husband decided to separate.  She's been with him since she was 18 years old.  She has three kids, including one that just turned one.  She's devastated and I'm 6 hours away.  I felt helpless, so OF COURSE I binged.  Blah.

Then on Thursday, I was walking my dog.  We were about an mile from home.  My dog's collar popped open.  He realized he was free and ran like an idiot.  First he ran through some yards.  I called for him, but his training just left him.  Then he ran into the street.  A busy street.
He missed two cars and a third car was slowing to a stop but rolled over his paw. He cried out and his fur was flying.  Unfortunately, it came to rest on his paw and he scraped himself badly on three of his paws trying to free himself.  He ran back across the street to me and held his paw up, crying the whole time.  He was shaking and scared.  I was sobbing.  Since we were more than a mile away from home, I was trying to figure out a good way to bring my 55 lb dog home.  Fortunately, a kind passerby stopped, asked where our vet was and offered us a ride.  I called my husband to alert our vet that we were on our way.  He called the vet and the vet said go to the emergency vet.  So we went there and would you believe the stupid dog was bearing weight on his paw and was dancing around like an idiot.  If it wasn't for the bleeding, you would have never known that something happened to him.  Shocking.  We got in for an exam and it was found that he had  broken a small non weight bearing bone in his paw. His wounds needed attending too.  He needed anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotic and has to wear a cone of shame.

He was so lucky, but the image of that won't leave my head.  I am so  sad he had to go through that.  So, I've been stress eating.

I predict I will be up at least 5-6 lbs.  *sigh*

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