19 September 2012

Frustrating Day

 Had a rough day yesterday.  Busy and stressful at work and then irritated my husband while recapping a coworker who had been out of the office. Fortunately, my friend and I had a walking plan for yesterday.  My puppy and I got in the car and went to her apartment and we went on a four mile walk.  We both had plenty to vent about, so the walk went by quickly.  I got home and baked brownies with Deven.  Dev is always very excited to help me in the kitchen, so I try to do a cooking or baking project with him often.  After we got everything in the oven, I sat down and cuddled with the maniac, reading him two chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I did end up using bout 8 extra points, but it was worth it.  Those 8 points bought me a couple of buffalo wing wheat thins, one peanut butter kiss (black or orange wrapped peanut butter taffy!) one Nature Valley Dark Chocolate granola thin and one reduced guilt brownie.  I made sure that I wasn't responding emotionally while eating those things.    I came home from a stressful day and made the right choice by walking with my friend after a very healthy dinner.  I still have about half of my extra points.  

Tonight I need to run Week 5 day 2 of C25k.  This will be an 8 minute run, a 5 minute walk and another 8 minute run.  I feel confident I can do this, but I also know that I will have an extra challenge because I am getting a pretty nasty cold.  I will just listen to my body and do what I can.

What do you have planned that is positive for you today?

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