11 November 2012


So this weekend, I am not on plan.  I'm not making good choices, but I am staying active.

I will be right back on it tomorrow.  I just needed a twee little break.

I got up this morning and baked some biscuits for Sunday breakfast.  Pre Deven being born, we had a baked good every Sunday.  I love that tradition and I have decided to bring it back.  I also made brownies with Dev and we sat around all morning, relaxing and enjoying.

At noon, I put on my coat and shoes and took the pup for a 4 mile walk.  We enjoyed ourselves a great deal, but it was raining heavily and I got soaked to the bone.  I'm proud of this walk because we have a very rare tired puppy!  HOORAY!

I love to see a tired little dog.   He's sitting on the floor all worn out and sleepy.

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