04 November 2012

KLUTCHclub review

I got my first KLUTCHclub box.  It was a pretty nice box overall.  I haven't tried absolutely everything in it, and of course, I totally forgot to take pictures of anything.  I am lame like that.

This month's box included

Coromega Omega3+D Squeeze supplement.
- Meh.  It tastes fine, but is gross to vegetarian me because it contains fish oil.  Because I worry about things, I was worrying if taking that supplement makes me a pescatarian instead of a vegetarian.  I decided it doesn't because I remain totally disgusted by the idea of eating fish.  I tried floating it on top of my Metamucil but that was the ickiest thing I have ever experienced.  So yeah.  I wouldn't buy this, but I would buy one that didn't have fish oil.

Yurbuds- Earbuds guaranteed not to fall out

These are ok.  The shape of them is mildly uncomfortable for me, but I do like them.  Also, I totally needed new earbuds, so good timing, KLUTCHclub.

Good Greens (gluten free natural raw bar) - I had 3 50 calorie bars to try.  They all taste pretty good, but I am not crazy about the coconut flavor, but otherwise, this was pretty good.

Pure Matters Chocolatey Vegan Protein- 

I am definitely some kind of bad healthy focus person, because I don't really believe in protein powder and I have never found one I liked.  So I've been dragging my feet on trying this one.  I will eventually give it a try, just not today.  I'm sure it is lovely.

King Arthur Flax

I haven't tried this, either.  I need to look into what I would use this with.  I will review this later on.  Pinky Swear.

DeVita Natural Eyeliner

I haven't tried this yet, either.  I will at some point.

Hungershield Natural Appetite control drink.
I haven't tried this yet either.  I wish there was more than one tube.  It's hard to determine if one sample fixed my hunger or if I am just confusing hunger with thirst.  I do that sometimes.

To Go Brands Acai Natural Energy Boost Chews

I was given two of these to try. Two too many. Yuck.  Chalky and undelicous.

YumUniverse Plant Based Gluten-Free Holiday Guide www.yumuniverse.com

This has a couple of recipes and there's $100 off a $300 membership.  This looks fine. I will probably look toward the recipes for how to use my Flax.

Overall, even though I am feeling kind of negative about some of the items in the box, I found getting the box to be REALLY fun.  I like trying new things and I like hearing about nichey things that I wouldn't have access to normally. Verdict: $18/month well spent.

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