04 November 2012

Plan Revisions

I've been struggling with my plan for about a year, on and off.  I think maybe my expectations aren't realistic for me right now.  So I edited things to plan for one hour of activity four times per week with 1650 calories to consume per day.  If I do that consistently, I should be able to lose about a pound a week.  Maybe that's not some fast, sexy result, but it's healthy.  And if I lost 52 lbs in the next year, I would be pretty happy with where I am. 

So yeah. That's what I am trying now.  Because I totally etch-a-sketch  my diet but I am allowed to.  It's my own timeline.  No one is hurt by struggle but me.  No one gains from my success but me.

Also, this week, my plan is to sharply limit added sugar for the week.  I am looking at you, leftover Halloween Candy.

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