29 November 2012

Day 2, plus TMI Overload

So yesterday, I did great. I exercised, I ate within my calorie range, I drank my water. EXCELENTE.

I wasn't hungry at all.  I planned for a small treat- a granola bar.  This is where the TMI comes in.
So anyway.  I can't eat Fiber One Bars.  I love them, but they don't love me back.  I swear off of them every few months, but always come on back to them because I love them so much.  Yesterday, the granola bar I had was one of them.

OMG the pain.  Within an hour of eating it, the stomach pains start.  I know I need to go to the bathroom because HI, I AM AT WORK.  Yeah. So I sounded NOT AWESOME. NOT AWESOME AT ALL.  I noticed on the way into the stall that my stomach, not small in size on a good day, is massive.  I looked about 6 months pregnant.  After I was finished, uhm, trumpeting, I left the stall, went to wash my hands and WHOA.  I totally looked like I lost 20 lbs.

So, apparently Fiber One Bars make me a little gassy.

So, I think I will just go ahead and pass on Fiber One Bars until the next time.  Or until I need to take revenge upon Raj or Farting Coworker.

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