28 November 2012

Day 1

So I am just going to count down the days of eating properly.

Yesterday, I was within my calorie range and drank a good amount of water and I lost 4 water weight pounds from my vacation.

I have a great plan for today and hope to be down a few more pounds.  The weather is getting too dark to do much proper exercise outside, which I prefer, so I need to do a DVD tonight.  Plus some good stretching. 

If I can do that, I will be very satisfied with my progress this week.

My son is also recovering from being on vacation.  He's a whiney entitled mess.  That's what happens when you take him somewhere that he can do no wrong for 6 days.   Two time outs yesterday and he is feeling a little more compliant today.  Hopefully that carries through work, because I want to watch Charlie Brown Christmas with him tonight.

So how are you?  What are your staying on track during the holiday strategies?

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