27 November 2012

Back On

We are back after being gone for nearly a week.  Before that, it was nearly a week of off plan eating.  As a result, I have gained back ALL that I had lost PLUS some pounds.  Very frustrating.  Now I am sitting here needing to lose at least 85-90 lbs and ready to start all over in the HARDEST weight loss time of year. 

My office is a pitfall of treats.  My strategy is this.  I will eat things that are very special to me and count them.  If there are treats I am not crazy about, I will not eat them.  I will log my snaccidents on myfitnesspal.com

I've made my lunch- it contains 5 servings of fruits and veg, two vegetarian proteins and a grain. 

Our vacation was to Maryland and we are all, very bluntly, over fed.  My in-laws are pure food is love people.  No matter what you just ate, you will be asked to eat more.  Always.  It's very difficult to refuse. I came home about 10 lbs heavier than when I left.  There's a good chance that a lot of that weight is water weight, so I should see some results relatively quickly.  I am going to record my daily weigh.  I do this anyway, so maybe I will be more day to day accountable.  This is a slippery slope for me, though, because I can get a bit scale obsessed.

The first few days will be difficult.  For 6 days, I have been stuffed full to bursting over and over.  Eating normal amounts of food will leave me famished.  For these two days, I have to be tough, vigilant.


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tree peters said...

yes, you really can!!
I found you through Tammy's blog, because I get emails when there's a comment. I've got you on my RSS now and I'm totally rooting for you.
I'm in a very similar situation and I'm not letting the fact that it's December stop me from "starting".
I'm starting my fitness blog over too. Hopefully this week. I do love the focus of it.
The snacks at work are brutal!! I've always found that if I'm honestly tracking in MyFitnessPal, I lose. I think you have a good strategy for now.
Plus, bring lots of your own snacks. Maybe if you're filled up with good stuff at lunch time, you'll have better luck resisiting later.
You go girl!