26 October 2012

Parent's Night

Last night we went to Deven's daycare to see what the kids have been doing all year so far.  This is kind of  redundant to me because I am always asking what Deven has been up to and specifically about anything I don't agree with or that he mentions that he is outraged about.

We didn't really talk to the teachers, instead we talked to other parents, in particular,  Deven's friend Violet's mom.  We've become pretty good friends in our own right, so it's great when our kids pick someplace to go on a playdate.

They were also having a bookfair, so we bought two books for Deven.


When we got home, we read some of the Clifford stories and the Splat book.

I was quite over in calories.  I had a miscalculation at Taco Bell (Cantina Bowl ONLY not Chips and Guac, please!)  ALSO, cookies.   Because of Parent's Night, I couldn't exercise yesterday (no time) so overall, I was quite over.

Back on track, today.

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