29 October 2012

A bit of a hangover, actually

I didn't manage myself well this weekend at all.  I drank FAR too much, ATE far too much and the wrong things, but we had so much fun.

When I got up Saturday morning, I cleaned the kitchen and made pumpkin bread for breakfast.  I also baked some cupcakes. I took the dog on a 4 mile walk.  We got showered up and

We went to Treinen Farms.  We did a corn maze

Deven really enjoyed climbing on this tire maze
The boys did some pumpkin chucking
Deven lassoed this...cow?

Deven played in a huge vat of corn
Climbed a mountain of tires
and of course picked our pumpkins.  Once we were done picking our pumpkins, we took a horse-drawn hayride

It was chilly, but we had a really wonderful time.  I love doing these kinds of things with my family.

Once we got home from the farm, we went to a friend's house to visit and play with their new baby.  We stayed for a while and went out for Mexican food and came home and drank entirely too much Pumpkin Beer.

On Sunday, we did some shopping, some laundry, some other housekeeping.  I took the dog for a five mile walk.

Then we carved our pumpkins.

All in all, a really great weekend. How was your weekend?

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Aimee said...

How fun! That is the best kind of weekend. It was a busy weekend over here. Lots of soccer games, ice skating lessons and a birthday party with visits to my grandmother in between. Plus it was a work weekend for me. Oh and I had to follow the masses and prepare for Hurricane Sandy. The grocery store was madness!