08 July 2008

So, I am sitting on the couch

With a snoring baby beside me. That part rules.

The part that sucks? It's past time for me to get in the shower. This means 1) I have to move said snoring baby into his room. 2) I have to leave snuggling and snoring baby and go to work. Boo gainful employment.

Just a few notes about life.

*My husbands ex job can suck it. Seriously, first they downsize him and like 900 other people. The severance rules, but 900 people at a time? THEN, 2 weeks after the big downsize, the people that administer the benefits for them send him a letter asking him to prove that Deven and myself are his dependents.

Whatev, assholes. We don't even have your sucky insurance anymore.

I hope my husbands new job is awesome. I hope that all of the stress I have doesn't develop into a panic disorder.

But it probably will. Because my life rules.

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