08 July 2008

thoughts from the shower

i know this isn't a well read blog, probably because i rarely have anything interesting to share with the internets, but here is the collection of thoughts from this morning in the shower.

  • Deven is almost 6 months old. Isn't it time to start working on the baby weight
  • Be honest, you already had some weight to lose when you got pregnant with Deven
  • I need to start working on my self esteem.
  • I've always had weight issues, and I need to get them under control NOW.

So yeah, I am one of those rare women for whom breast feeding has NOT helped regain prepregnancy shape. I was a bit chunky before I got pregnant, and gained an ALARMING amount of weight while pregnant. Boo.

So yeah, I am going to try to blog my efforts towards finally losing the prepregnancy weight and getting my metabolism back (ruined possibly permanently by a series of Master Cleanse experiments). I'll not mention how MUCH I want to lose, but will let everyone know EVERY SUNDAY what my week's worth of efforts have accomplished.

Once I lose the baby weight, I can start working on the quitting smoking weight. *sigh*
I just need something to feel good about, k?

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