18 July 2008

6 months old!

Dear Deven,
Today you turn 6 months old. What a wonderful month this has been! You have really built your balance and are starting to really do a good job sitting up. You have also been screaming when happy and when sad. You keep getting funnier and more entertaining. I wish I never had to leave your side.

The other day, you started fake coughing. It is so cute. You fake cough and look up at us like 'hey, how cute am I?'

I absolutely love when you are proud of yourself. I hope we can capture that look in a picture, because it is one of the best faces I have ever seen.

You seem to be working on some teeth. Granted, your dad and I have thought this for the past 2 months, but you have been gnawing on anything you can get your mouth on, drooling like a champion, have periods of extreme crankiness that is tamed by some baby orajel.

You have been able to roll over for some time, but this month, you really mastered it. You go from back to front, front to back, side to side. You have been known to scoot yourself in a semi-circle.

You smile a lot, laugh a lot. You are making a new face where you bounce your tongue off of your bottom lip. You are also making the toothless old man face.

Every day of this past 6 months has been a treat.

I'm really looking forward to the next six.


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