25 June 2008

5 months old

Dear Deven,
Last week you turned 5 months old. I'm sorry to say that aside from some extra hugs and kisses, it went largely uncelebrated because we were deep in the middle of moving.

Over the course of the past month, you have started SCREECHING. I'm delighted you found your voice and all, but really, screeching? I could do without it. You screech happily and angrilly. It's the cutest fucking screech I have ever heard, but I never thought any other screeches were that cute.

We have started to introduce you to veggies just over the past few days. I must say, you didn't seem to delight in the new flavors like I thought you would. We'll keep trying though, because veggies are important and you will learn to like most of them.

You are sitting up even better than before. I have seen you sit unassisted for over 5 minutes before you tip over because you are tired of sitting up. You also roll over, grab your feet a lot, and laugh a ton. You also recently started passing toys from one hand to the next.

We are so proud of you, Deven. We love your laughs, your smiles, the cute face you make before you cry, the snuggles. This parenthood thing is such a cool experience. I've never been happier.


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This Was A Bad Idea said...

Punky does that screeching thing too. It's too adorable to tell her to quit, but holy HELL it gets obnoxious.