14 July 2008

Monday, July 14

I woke up at 4 AM with Deven when he started fussing. He nursed and snuggled with his mama until about 5. This left me with plenty of time to make breakfast and lunch. Between breakfast, lunch and my snacks, I have about 800 calories committed. That leaves between 500 and 900 for dinner. Should be a good day.

Yesterday, Raj, Deven and I went for a 2 hour walk. It was lovely. I would love to do that every day, but the demands of life will definitely prevent that most days.

I just have to stave off the stress eating. My job is fucking stressful lately. I KNOW that I stress eat, but that doesn't prevent me from actually doing it.

Poor Deven. Teething sucks. There is a little swelling in his gums, a lot of drooling and crying, but no actual teeth. I would give anything to have this pain for me to spare him.

Shit. Time to go to work.

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