08 April 2014

Countdown to 40

So, anyway, my laptop died, which is lame.  This doesn't mean anything other than I don't have my very own computer that I can use to make infrequent posts.  I use my husbands and it's very frequently occupied.

All ridiculous excuses aside.  It's been going well and it's been going tough, this counting down to 40.

So, where am I with this?

1) Do a better job keeping my whole house clean.  My kid is 6. He can start to pitch in with his own mess.  I can sit on my ass less.  I can be proud of my home.  I don't need to knit for 3 hours per day.

Welllllllllllll, not much to see here, move along.  All jokes aside, some things are improving.  We all have work to do here.  But there's plans to create a playroom and remove the LIVING ROOM mess, which is the mess that makes me craziest.

2) Strength training.  I've got to do it. Period.  I'm going to do strength on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on Saturday when my trainer hands my ass to me for 90 minutes.

This will never not be a struggle for me.  I try, but I am not motivated to do it.  I have to get motivated.

3) Cardio.  I'm going to start running again as soon as the sidewalks clear.  I'll be taking the dog for daily walks until then.

Blah, Stupid foot.  I have an injury.  It's been 3 weeks, it's not getting better.  So, I said 'Eff It" and ran with the dog.  It went ok and hurt no more than walking on it.

4) Stretching.  Yoga and I are going to rekindle our relationship.  This will help with the pain that comes from numbers 2 and 3.
This could be better.  I'm doing a sun salutations challenge right now. That totally counts, right?

5) Food.  I've been doing well on that regard, but it can always be better.  I'm going to continue to watch what I put in my mouth and remove my reliance on man-made food.  I'll eat what I have and then make a positive change for my health and for the health of my family.

Awful, devastating, terrible.  Sugar addiction is kicking my ass lately.  I'm working on it and taking things day by day. Counting points even when it sucks to do it.  That's all I've got.

6) Push Ups.  SOME WAY, SOME HOW I am going to do 40 push ups on my toes.

This? I've got this in the win column.  I did 40 push ups on my toes last night.  It was 2 sets of 10 and 4 sets of 5 but I did it.  I just need to work on doing first all 40 in sets of 10, then 45 in sets of 15, then 40 in sets of 20, then 50 in sets of 25 and THEN JUST DO THEM ALL, OK?

Thanks for reading, touching base with me and reminding me I have a blog.  I need ALLL of these things.  I'm here, I'm clipping along and I'm still trying too hard to figure it all out.

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Aimee said...

I think these are big goals Emily. You are being very hard on yourself especially with a foot injury. Take it easy on the foot so it can heal. Running is so hard on the body. I think doing a sun salutations absolutely counts as daily yoga. It's all I do most days. I would love to incorporate more yoga into my life, but classes are expensive and time is of the essence. I do a few sun salutations every day if I can and some days more. Sugar is a demon! I have nothing for you on this one except I think the fact that you're working on it is key. Counting points, calories or food journaling are also integral parts of developing the behavioral changes. It is eye opening, sure hard to see sometimes, but eventually we have to own up to our bad habits.

You are a push up rock star! I still can't do a regular push up. Why do you set such stringent rules? I think doing the 40 the way you did them is awesome. In strength training there are breaks between sets and push ups are a strength training exercise. I think you did a fabulous job.

Be kind to yourself Emily. You are doing the work, keep it up...one thing at a time!