28 April 2014


I've been throwing down the Gauntlet Against Sugar for the past 2 weeks.  In that time, my cravings  have decreased significantly.  I've not eaten anything with added sugar at all in that time WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SOMETHING SNEAKY.  I'm looking at you Costco's Rotisserie Chicken.  WHY does that have sugar in it? Stupid and frustrating.

I've made a lot of really positive changes in my life in the past couple of years.  I'm fitter/stronger/heathier. 

I'm still overweight and still overweight by about the same amount I was before but that's OK.  I'm smaller than I was, changing my relationship with food and making permanent changes.

I've been running with Conner most days, gearing up for Mile A Day May.  The dog loves it and I love it.  I've also got a May challenge coming up to eat clean and to workout as much as possible.  I think I will hit up the 30 Day Shred and also some Yoga.  This plus the addition of a Fitbit I've got coming and I should be on track to be the healthiest 40 year old possible in June.

I've got this.

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Beth L said...

Way to go, Em! I knew you could do it! What I am amazed with the most is your change in attitude over the last couple of weeks. You aren't being so hard on yourself, and you are embracing these positive changes.