20 April 2014

It's always a struggle

As long as I live, I will never not be struggling against sugar addiction.  I crave it hardcore.

I'm trying to go 30 days without any sugar or sweetener added to my food.  I'm really only at about day 3, and it's tough.  I've cut waaaaay back otherwise and the only added sugar I had last week was from sneaky sources.

Which brings me to a point... WHY is there sugar in chicken sausage and in rotisserie chicken?  MEAT DOESN'T NEED SUGAR.

My weight is still up and down.  I'm fine with this because as I fight sugar cravings, I'm eating more of other things like nuts, nut butter which is not calorie free or low in points.

My trainer challenged us to really turn up the fight on sugar this week.  We are also avoiding things like
*all refined flours (already doing this)
and limiting
*fruit to one piece per day
*cheese to an amount the size of your thumb
*milk to one serving per day

PLUS sweets.  She totally ratcheted things up by issuing that challenge on Easter week.  I'm a little shocked at how much sugar is in my son's Easter Basket.  It's quite a lot.  In general, I want to remove most of my family's dependence on sugar.  It causes so many more problems than just weight.  *Sigh*

I really hope I can avoid passing my food issues along to my son.

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