31 December 2012

Goals Not Resolutions.

I'm starting a clean eating and fitness challenge that will culminate with a 47 flight stair climb to benefit Lung Cancer.  I'd prefer that that not kill me, so I am going to need to do some substantial training and remove some weight.  Since that stair climb is at the end of March, I am going to shoot for removing 10% of my body weight in Q1.  That would make a substantial difference in both my body and my health.

In  addition to that, I have some specific fitness goals.

My first goal is to lose about 30% of my body weight.  I need to lose more than that, probably, but 30% would put me in a really wonderful place. (Fit and healthy, not fat)  BUT, I don't expect that I *HAVE* to lose all of that this year.  I want to lose it by 6/6/2014- the day I turn forty.  So I need to get my rear in gear, so to speak.

My next goal is to keep my promises to myself.  If my promise is that I will get up before work 3x before work to do 20 min of Zumba, that's not that hard, not that unreasonable and that's going to start my day a good way. (Ohhhh, sounds like I am going to be making that promise to myself.)  But as part of my goal to be nicer to myself, I will be making sure that I keep my promises to me.

Be nicer to myself.  It's time to stop flogging myself for my transgressions. If you made some mistakes, would I walk up to you and say "Hey, you moron, why are you such a failure? OH MY GOD, YOU SUCK!"
No?  They why would I do that to myself? I'm constantly guilty of this.

Eat clean.  I want to MAKE my food, not buy it ready for microwaving.  I keep telling my dad that everything has two costs, one to your wallet and one to your health.  (In this case, the first cost is to my time).  I'm not so busy that I can't take the time to make some real food for my family instead of buying a bunch of processed, packaged nonsense.

That's it.  That's all that's on my agenda.  I think it's enough for Q1 of 2013.

Happy New Year!


Karen said...

very good goals, em! :D you got this!

Aimee said...

These are some great goals Emily. I love the 47 flight stair climb challenge. I always take the stairs at work. It's only 4 flights, but I'm always baffled by how it can still be challenging despite all the running I do. Stairs are tough! That will be an awesome accomplishment.

I hope you will ease up on the negative self talk. Those are very mean, undeserving comments.

I wish you a wonderful and successful 2013.