01 January 2013

Easing Back into Healthy Living

Today, I am being mindful about my choices, I am tracking my food.  I made a point to move.  I did my plank from my challenge. 

Oh, planks are really hard for me right now. Which is precisely why I am going to push myself to do something that is really hard every day. I will watch for Rebecca's e-mail and do her daily challenge.  And I will set weekly promises to myself.  Because I plan to be nicer to myself in 2013, I will keep my promises to myself.

For the rest of this week, I promise to  complete Rebecca's workout challenge EVERY DAY.

I promise that during at least 3 commercials per night, I will run the stairs 10 times.

I promise that I will get up and do WiiZumba at least 3 times this week.  Preferably before work.

I promise to feed my body with healthy, delicious food.

I promise to track my food.  Even if I am over the calorie target.

I promise not to beat myself up for going over the calorie target, if I do.

For this week, I promise to reduce stress in my life by taking the time to tidy up a little every day instead of waiting until I am so anxious about the state of our house. And to forgive if it is messy.

and I'm going to knit.

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