02 January 2013

Promise Keeper

This morning I got up, did 20 minutes of Zumba and did my plank (one minute, thirty seconds this morning).  I made a healthy lunch, packed 64 oz of flavor infused water and drank my coffee.  I made my favorite breakfast and did some laundry.

I feel like this is a really solid way to start the work week.  I'm excited about this positive start to my day.  I've got my outfit for work planned in my head and I feel so cute just thinking about it.

A black skirt and black tights, a purple argyle cardigan with a white tank underneath and my new knee high boots. 

I'm taking care of me.  Keeping promises to myself.  Doing things that make me feel good. 

Tonight after work I promise

  • To do one more plank.
  • To run the stairs in my house at least 30 times up and down. (ten times at a go)
  • To clean in the kitchen for 15 minutes (I will set a timer)
  • To take the time to apply lotion before bed so I wake up with soft feeling and good smelling skin.
  • To fold the laundry.
  • To play one board game with Deven.
  • To knit at least 4 rows on Raj's socks.
This is all small stuff.  It's all BIG stuff.  Because little movements amount to big change.   I'm waiting to see what my trainer has in the works for us on Sunday, but I am not waiting for her.  I am fixing myself little by little.  I can and will make the life changes I need to make.  I can and will be accountable on this blog.

Life is most sincerely good.  Make the most of it.


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