15 January 2013

It's been a hard 4 days.

I haven't been able to follow my challenge really at all.

First, my son got the flu.  Very snuggly and clingy, he passed the flu on to me in short order.  On Friday night, I left my house for the first time in about 36 hours and got my haircut.  Shortly after getting home from my haircut, I started coughing.  That stinks.

I coughed throughout the night. I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck.  By noon, I was running a very small fever.  My appetite tanked.  I had enough energy to move from couch to kitchen, refill my water glass and back to the couch.  The cough gets worse. The congestion really sets in.  I'm sick as a dog at this point.  I sleep fitfully and rest.  Sunday morning, I wake up, burning fever, 102.5.  I can hardly breathe.  The simplest movement exhausts me.  I struggle through the day.

Monday, I wake up with a fever of 103.5.  I make an appointment at my doctor's office.  The verdict? unsurprising. Influenza.   The swab to test for influenza is very unpleasant.  It goes up your nose and down the back of your throat.  It burns some.  It will clear that portion of your nose, you know?  Gross.

I finished the day with a fever of 100.5, snuggled up in bed dosed up heavily with Nyquil.  I waited too long to go to the doctor, so it wasn't worth it for me to get Tamiflu.  I decided to be swabbed because Raj hasn't gotten sick.  If I have a positive flu test, if Raj gets sick, he just needs to call our doctor and she will prescribe Tamiflu for Raj to hopefully minimize his symptoms and duration.

I woke up this morning with a very small fever.  Just 99.6.  I took some NyQuil.  and now I am feeling pretty decent.  Tired, have a bad cold, but pretty healthy.  It's good to be back(ish)

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Aimee said...

Aw Emily I am glad you are feeling somewhat better. I wish you a speedy recovery. Also fingers crossed that Raj does not get the flu. It is running rampant in the ICU at the hospital where I work, but I am on a locked unit so hopefully we can keep it away. I've upped the vitamin ante in my house and we are hand washing fools! Hope things get back to normal for you soon.