01 November 2013

So, What's Next?

Saturday is the end of the challenge I'm on.  Well, my trainer thought of that and has created a Holiday Hustle.  It requires...

1) 8 weeks commitment.
2) Minimum of 180 cardio and 120 strength minutes
3) A virtual 5K
4) an optional (but most likely to be attended by me) boxing and functional fitness class (90 minutes every Saturday AM)

I'm excited.  I am making no claims to having things figured out, but I'm doing pretty well.  Something about the combination of regular exposure to my trainer and Weight Watchers is currently resonating.

I'm not some huge Weight Watchers proponent, but  at this moment in time, I am doing well.  I'm 5 weeks in, feeling like I am doing ok.

Tracking my food and going to meetings are huge components of my success.  Next week, I have a major challenge coming up.  I'm going to Central Iowa to see my sisters.  We get down there infrequently enough that we tend to create celebrations where they shouldn't be.  We grew up in a huge food is love family and so here comes the celebration food.

I've challenged my sisters to eat healthfully when I am there, to avoid all the treats.  And I will get them out walking.  I'm also going to be bringing my boxing gear and teaching them some sparring.  Should be fun.

One of the things that I really need to do is to keep incorporating my healthy lifestyle items into celebratory times.  There's no reason that a quick trip to see the family should pull me off course the way I seem to let it do. 

Just making small changes, day by day.

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Aimee said...

I really really wish celebrations and holidays weren't so rooted in food. I love your plan of action for your trip especially bringing your boxing gear.

I feel this way about the holidays now. I refuse to let them suck me back into my old ways.