04 November 2013

Goals for the Work Week

So, here I am without a challenge (until Wednesday,) but I am not without goals...  Here's what I want to accomplish this week.  I'll check back in on Friday and let you know how I did.

1) Make a point to get up every single hour.  I'm going to set a reminder to this end.  I'd like to make myself a cup of tea or something that will require me to walk around for a few minutes.

2) Make sure I move at least 40 minutes per day, preferably one hour per day.

3) Keep up with the 30 Day Yoga and Planksgiving challenges. 

4) Do some strength training every day.  I've got a 50s challenge in my mind.  Something like on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do 50 Crunches, 50 bicycles, 50 reverse crunches and on Tuesday and Thursday I do 50 butt tap squats and 50 yoga block lunges and 50 push ups (as many as possible on my toes.)

5) Track my food.  I KNOW for a fact I do better if I have to put things down on paper.

6) Finish my mittens.  I have about 1/4 of the last mitten to go.  If it was a weekend, it would be a slam dunk that I would finish it today, but I think at this point, I will be lucky to finish this week.  After that, I will be casting on mittens for little Dev.  

I'm a little sad about daylight savings time.  It means I am going to be coming home in the full dark at 5:30.  I don't like to exercise outside in the dark, so that means I will be working out in the house.  I miiiight need to pick up a Weight Watcher's active link to make sure that I am getting enough fitness minutes in.  I need to constantly be challenging myself so that I can be constantly improving myself.  I think it's really easy to kind of kid yourself about how much you are really doing.

Dev and I have been walking about a mile and a quarter to his school every day, I walk back home to grab the car and drive home.  This has been working out VERY well for us.  It puts us both in a positive mind frame for the day and it starts my day out with a little activity.  It's time to get my bum in the shower so I can walk that crazy kid to school.

Have a great week everyone!

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Aimee said...

I think it's awesome that you can walk your son to school. You have great achievable goals Emily. I also need to stay challenged to keep myself motivated, but I find I don't do well with daily challenges like a plank a day. I tend to thrive on more long term things like training for races.

I keep track of my workouts on my calendar. I also use Map My Run to track most of my runs, walks and hikes. Lately, I have been thinking about a Fitbit or something similar.

If you do get the active link I hope you'll share your thoughts about it.