26 November 2013


Last week Tuesday was my Friday.  We were packing up and heading to Maryland to visit my in-laws.  We had a little detour to Sun Prairie where our friends Nate and Matt live.  They are kind dog liking kind of people, so they kindly took Conner for us. We ate at Buck and Honey's- a great Sun Prairie local establishment.  They had a lighter menu, so I didn't veer TOO hard off track.  I ordered the red wine flight.  It came in a special kind of cast iron carrier.   Unfortunately, it became tippy as you drank the wine out of it.  I should have taken it off of the carrier but didn't think that far. 

Matt asked me to get the salt and CHAOS ENSUED.  My carrier tipped over, breaking the third wine glass and spilling all over the table. I thought that was it, but nooope, it also went on the floor and quite a ways away.  Whoops.  I hope none landed on anyone.  That would make me feel wretched.  Then Deven dropped his entire piece of pizza on the floor.  He wanted to eat it anyway (gross) but it fell in the same place where the glass fell. So yeah. No.  Our server joked that we weren't allowed back.  That's probably not a terrible idea on his fault. Haha.

We sent Dev to school until noon on Wednesday.  Our trip didn't start until 2:30 and we can really accomplish a lot more without him, so we got ourselves around and even did a little shopping.  I went to Weight Watchers and got my head screwed on straight before our trip.  I tracked my points pretty carefully and headed to Maryland with not very many extra points- see also Buck and Honey's.  I decided to make an allowance for myself to use my activity points for the weeks affected by this trip.

This is especially helpful as we were both celebrating Raj's birthday and Thanksgiving the following day.    So here I am, home with 0 remaining extra points.  If I need extra food on actual Thanksgiving, it will have to come from my activity.  I'm right out for going over those points, too.  I've been working very hard and I want to continue the downward trend through Thanksgiving.

I had a lot of wins in Maryland, actually.  I went for 2 longish runs, a long walk, did my crunches and planks.  I came home, stood on the scale and was only up about a pound.  That gain has gone and now I am pretty much holding steady from when I left.

All in all, not too bad. Not too bad at all.

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