31 October 2013

Stuff I Never Thought I'd Say- Part one

This morning, to Deven:

"Deven, you can only wear one pair of underpants."

He was getting ready for school and was wearing both Skylanders undies and Spiderman undies.  He must have been suffering some internal conflict about which he preferred.  Alternately, he could have forgotten to take off yesterday's underpants first.

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Aimee said...

I think our boys are around the same age. This was a conversation between my son and I on Saturday morning after soccer practice as he was changing for his soccer game later in the day.

Me: " Did you have underwear on for practice? Where are your underwear?
C: "No I forgot."
Me: "You forgot?! How do you forget to put underwear on?"
C: "OK I didn't forget I just like it better!"
Me shaking my head in disbelief: "Well you're wearing them now!."