17 February 2007

I have high self-esteem

On Thursday night, Raj poppin' freshed my belly.

I took this to mean that I am a gigantic fatass.

Friday AM, I go to weigh in. Now, I have been working out like a demon and strength training, which always floods your muscles with water, initially. I gained .6 lbs. This is further justification to my belief that I am the fattest woman ever born.

Saturday, after spending 70 minutes on the elliptical (yeah, i am just that tough, too) I was feeling pretty positive, so I tried on my favorite jeans, the ones that I could JUST squish into after completing 2 fasts. A bit snug, but comfy.

So yeah, I am smaller, even though I weigh more. And I have high self-esteem. No wonder I am such a joy to be around :rolleyes:

*ALSO* After our celebratory Valentine's Glass Nickel, I will have earned a gain next week, if I have one.

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